Plantation Shutters: Bringing Professional Elegance to Your Interior Design


Plantation shutters are a popular choice for interior design and with good reason. These stylish and functional window treatments can add a touch of elegance to any room while also providing a number of practical benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider having plantation shutters professionally installed in your home.   Plantation Shutters First and foremost, plantation shutters are a stylish and versatile window treatment option. They come in a range of colours, materials, and styles to suit any decor, and can be customised to fit virtually any window size or shape.

22 December 2022

The Side Benefits Of Having Security Screen Doors Installed


While security screen doors are certainly most useful in the defence against unwanted intruders, they do have other benefits that you may not have completely thought about due to their stronger construction. The same hinges that can withstand a prolonged forced entry attempt or the mesh that can hold up under a blade for quite some time also represent a substantial increase in build quality when compared to ordinary screen doors.

13 July 2021

Is Fitting Commercial Shutters a Good Idea?


Commercial shutters can be of great benefit to retailers and businesses working in the hospitality and leisure sectors. They offer a great deal of convenience for employees as well as providing benefits for business owners. If you are considering whether or not to fit commercial shutters at your businesses premises, then you should read on to find out why they can be so advantageous. Cut Out Glare To begin with, commercial shutters are a superb way of blocking out unwanted glare.

17 July 2020

Home Security Measures That Don't Mess Up Your Interior Design Ethos


There are many gadgets you can add to your home that will make it more secure. For example, an expensive CCTV installation will undoubtedly put off would-be intruders. Alternatively, you might install iron bars over your windows. However, the trouble with both of these measures — and many others — is that they are so in-your-face. Many such security devices you could include in your home are obtrusive. Indeed, they are not designed to be subtle if they are to have a deterrent effect by being noticed.

29 March 2019

Here's Why You Can't Go Wrong Installing Indoor Window Shutters


From an interior designer's point of view, you simply can't go wrong with interior shutters. These window treatments look beautiful and are a practical addition to any home. If you're looking to learn why internal shutters are such a great investment in homes, you should keep reading on.  Here's a rundown of the awesome benefits that internal shutters can deliver to homeowners. They can add privacy to your home interiors  Want to deny prying outsiders a clear view through your windows?

23 November 2018

5 Tips to Follow When You're Buying a Vanity for a Smaller Bathroom


Choosing fixtures and units for a bathroom is always a little harder when your bathroom is on the smaller side. You don't want something large enough to get in the way or overpower the room, but you still need something big enough to hold everything you need as you get ready for the day. Tricky. With that in mind, here are five tips to keep in mind when choosing bathroom vanities when you're short on space.

19 April 2018

How to Revolutionise the Look, Feel and Practicality of Your Home


Are you taking full advantage of the layout of your home so that you can live your life more practically and take advantage of the available space that you have? Some people think that they haven't got enough room for all their possessions or simply don't have enough space for everyday life. If this is you, you may be overlooking some fairly simple and quite practical ways to augment the look and feel of your house.

14 June 2017

Stop Passersby Peering In: Which Privacy Method Suits Your Home Style?


You may be friendly enough with your neighbours that you don't mind them being able to see over your backyard fence, but the front of your house is a whole different story. When you're relaxing or working in your front room, the last thing you want is nosy pedestrians walking past and peering in through your window. Of course, you also don't want to turn your home into a not-so-stylish militant-style Fort Knox just to get a little privacy.

1 August 2016

Various Types of Kitchen Splashbacks You Could Consider


Splashbacks are an essential element to any kitchen. Having them installed over workspaces that are used regularly such as the sink or the stove can help making the cleanup process much easier. Additionally, they prevent stains from adhering onto your kitchen walls from these areas that experience heavy usage. However, not many homeowners pay much attention to the type of splashbacks that they have. Typically, you will find homeowners will simply stick to the splashbacks that came pre-installed in the house.

28 July 2016

Worried About Security Along The Beach? 3 Considerations Before Installing Security Screen Doors For Your Beachfront Home


Security screen doors are smart additions to any home because they provide an additional layer of protection in your home without compromising on visual appeal, but they are especially worthwhile in a beachfront home because they offer unparalleled coastal views. Simple to install, they encourage natural light and breeze in your home, while keeping out unwelcome insects and intruders. When you choose security screen doors for your beachfront home, follow these considerations to make smart decisions.

18 July 2016