Home Security Measures That Don't Mess Up Your Interior Design Ethos


There are many gadgets you can add to your home that will make it more secure. For example, an expensive CCTV installation will undoubtedly put off would-be intruders. Alternatively, you might install iron bars over your windows. However, the trouble with both of these measures — and many others — is that they are so in-your-face. Many such security devices you could include in your home are obtrusive. Indeed, they are not designed to be subtle if they are to have a deterrent effect by being noticed. That said, there are some home security measures you can choose which will fit in perfectly with both the exterior and interior design ethos of your choice. So, no matter what your preferred style is, what can you do to make your home more secure?

Fit Roller Shutters

One of the best things you can do to protect your home — especially when you are not there — is to put a tough physical barrier in the way of its main access points. Commonly constructed from steel, roller shutters are almost impossible to get past even if you are equipped with a crowbar. Because roller shutters are fitted outside, they don't interfere with your interior style. In fact, when rolled up, they are barely noticeable at all. Moreover, even when they are down, they can be painted or powder coated in an attractive finish to look good alongside the rest of your home's exterior.

Install Web Cameras

Motion-sensor webcams are much better at providing video surveillance than CCTV cameras, without creating visual clutter. These can be hidden around your home and set to activate if intruders break in. However, they are not bulky like CCTV cameras. Indeed, they don't need tamper-proof cables to be run to them either. Modern webcams can transmit anything they have spotted via a wireless data connection. You can even watch what is going on at home when you are out using a tablet or smartphone.

Window Alarms

These days, you can fit individual window alarms at every window sill without getting in the way of the view outside or interfering with your décor. Such alarms are so small that they can be screwed directly into the window frame if wanted. They sound an alarm when their contacts are broken, usually by someone forcing open a window from the outside. This will mean you can react accordingly, although they will probably have already put off the person who was trying to get inside in the first place.


29 March 2019

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