How to Revolutionise the Look, Feel and Practicality of Your Home


Are you taking full advantage of the layout of your home so that you can live your life more practically and take advantage of the available space that you have? Some people think that they haven't got enough room for all their possessions or simply don't have enough space for everyday life. If this is you, you may be overlooking some fairly simple and quite practical ways to augment the look and feel of your house. Have you considered how you can make your existing wardrobes much more effective and practical?

Assess Your Existing Items

Many Australian homes have storage space built into each bedroom and some other utility rooms. These wardrobes may come equipped with doors that open inward or outward, but may be made of solid material, without any glass. You should consider swapping out most or all of these doors and replacing them with sliding alternatives, fitted with mirrors. When you do so, you can personalise to your heart's content to come up with a variety of different styling alternatives.

State Your Style

You don't have to stick to a basic mirror style, either. You could choose shaded or coloured glass, decorative mirrors, a lacquered finish or even partially frosted mirrors. Decorate each room differently, if this should be your taste.

Save Space

When you install this type of sliding, mirrored door you open up a whole new world of practicality. You will be able to access all of the items stored within far more easily, as compared to a door with conventional hinges. You'll also be able to make use of the space within far more effectively, as the door will not necessarily take up some of the space inside. Whether the door opens inward or outward, it's going to have some effect. You may, for example, have to situate other items of furniture elsewhere due to the "swing" of the door.

See Yourself

You may have been struggling to assess your appearance in a typical bathroom mirror before you head out for the day. You're going to be able to get a full length reflection when you check out yourself in your bedroom now. You can also use it as a tool to help you practice, whether you are getting ready to make a speech at work or taking dancing lessons at your leisure.

Have a Brand New Feel

Finally, don't forget how much bigger your room will look if an entire wall on one side is fitted with a mirrored, sliding door. It'll make you feel as if you've moved into a new place, without all that extra expense.


14 June 2017

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