The Side Benefits Of Having Security Screen Doors Installed


While security screen doors are certainly most useful in the defence against unwanted intruders, they do have other benefits that you may not have completely thought about due to their stronger construction. The same hinges that can withstand a prolonged forced entry attempt or the mesh that can hold up under a blade for quite some time also represent a substantial increase in build quality when compared to ordinary screen doors. Due to this increase in build quality, you will also find a lot of unintentional fringe benefits that come with your security doors, such as the three listed below.

Less Chance Of Damage When Moving Bulky Items

Everyone has faced the problem of smashing into screen doors when moving heavy items to and fro. The hinges never seem to completely get out of the way, and if you are exceptionally unlucky, then you may even scrape into the side meshing as well. On a regular screen door, this could be tantamount to driving a bulldozer through it, as it will be quite badly damaged. On specially built security doors, these bumps and bruises will cause little more than a banging noise as you go past, with no real physical evidence you ever hit it after the fact. 

Pets And Children Are No Match For Security Screens

Toddlers and pets are known for being terrors to flimsily built components in houses everywhere, and screen doors are no exceptions. If you have had previous screen doors in your home with pets or children, then you know how much they are tested out. Dogs will claw at them and also occasionally run into them, toddlers will find one spot where they focus all their energy unit they bend it or push it out of position. Even cats are not immune to this, as they like to sharpen their claws or test their climbing abilities on mesh surfaces. Security doors will handle this with ease, while regular screen doors, not so much.

Aesthetic Endurance

Regular screen doors are not often built to withstand decades upon decades of use without fading or otherwise showing signs of aging. Security doors often come with warranties alone that last past a decade, and many can go much longer than that without showing signs of sagging, warping or even the paint fading. If you want a door that is not only strong but looks good for a long period of time, then there is only one option. 


13 July 2021

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