Worried About Security Along The Beach? 3 Considerations Before Installing Security Screen Doors For Your Beachfront Home


Security screen doors are smart additions to any home because they provide an additional layer of protection in your home without compromising on visual appeal, but they are especially worthwhile in a beachfront home because they offer unparalleled coastal views. Simple to install, they encourage natural light and breeze in your home, while keeping out unwelcome insects and intruders. When you choose security screen doors for your beachfront home, follow these considerations to make smart decisions.

Consider Investing In Aluminium Doors

When you live on the beachfront or in any area with high levels of humidity, aluminium security screen doors are most ideal because they are resistant to corrosion. Aluminium is regarded as the most durable material along the beachfront because it can withstand breeze, humidity and salt without rusting without compromising on safety and security. In comparison, steel and hardwood can rust or warp in extreme humidity, so it may be best to avoid using these materials along the beachfront. Aluminium screen doors start from $250 to $350, but higher quality ones will cost you about $450.

Establish The Type Of Security Screen Door You Want

Security screen doors are retractable, hinged or sliding. The decision to choose between them is typically personal, but you may want to consider certain factors for your beachfront property. Retractable doors come with a spring-loaded folding railing with a magnetic strip to ensure that the door closes at all times. But these springs and magnets can potentially get damaged with highly humid conditions. You will need to oil the springs and replace the magnets every once in a while to ensure that the door remains functional. But retractable doors offer a high level of security because of their automatic closing operation, so they are a popular choice for many beachfront homes. Hinged and sliding doors are easier to operate in humid conditions. But you will still need to oil the hinges and sliding racks occasionally to ensure that they remain easily operable.

Install Structural Grade Aluminium Sheets For The Screen Door Infill

Structural grade aluminium sheets are very similar to security-friendly stainless steel mesh, but they aren't as expensive. This makes them an excellent infill choice when you don't want to compromise on both fresh air and security. Similar to the appearance of fly screens, the wire mesh design produced by these perforated aluminium sheets is excellent because they offer you an unrestricted coastal view without allowing insects or intruders to get in. Structural grade aluminium sheets typically start from $650.

If you're planning to install security screen doors for your beachfront home, consider these smart factors before making a final decision.


18 July 2016

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