Is Fitting Commercial Shutters a Good Idea?


Commercial shutters can be of great benefit to retailers and businesses working in the hospitality and leisure sectors. They offer a great deal of convenience for employees as well as providing benefits for business owners. If you are considering whether or not to fit commercial shutters at your businesses premises, then you should read on to find out why they can be so advantageous.

Cut Out Glare

To begin with, commercial shutters are a superb way of blocking out unwanted glare. Everyone in Australia knows that the sun can be extremely strong, especially in the north of the country, but that does not mean that all businesses are properly geared up to deal with bright sunlight. By fitting shutters, you can improve the interior of your business, making a better environment for customers and employees alike. When the interior of a business feels overly bright, workers are less productive and customers less inclined to buy.

Lower Air-Conditioning Costs

In the summer, a significant amount of expenditure will go to keeping places of work cool. Pubs, restaurants and offices are all kept cool by turning air-conditioning units on. However, leaving them on all day comes at a considerable expense, something that is noticeable when your quarterly utility bills arrive. Instead of always running your air-conditioning during working hours, it is sometimes beneficial to partially close shutters instead. This will keep heat energy outside very effectively. When the shutters are fully closed at the end of the working day, they will trap the cool air inside and prevent the space from heating up after the sun first comes up the following day.

Better Security

Not all commercial shutters provide the same level of additional security. What you should be looking for is a set of shutters that can be fully secured from the inside to make a physical barrier between the interior and the window. This way, even if an intruder tries to gain access by smashing a window, they still will not be able to get inside.

Improved Privacy

Finally, it is worth mentioning that commercial shutters provide privacy, too. This is good if you have an office space where you don't want prying eyes looking in to see what is going on inside. Restaurants and pubs can also benefit from fitting shutters because it will mean customers who are sitting by a window won't feel as though they are in a goldfish bowl and being directly overlooked.

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17 July 2020

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