Stop Passersby Peering In: Which Privacy Method Suits Your Home Style?


You may be friendly enough with your neighbours that you don't mind them being able to see over your backyard fence, but the front of your house is a whole different story. When you're relaxing or working in your front room, the last thing you want is nosy pedestrians walking past and peering in through your window. Of course, you also don't want to turn your home into a not-so-stylish militant-style Fort Knox just to get a little privacy. You'll want your method to fit in with the existing architecture of your home, so here are some peeper prevention suggestions that complement 3 different home styles.

Layered Plants for Rustic, Country Homes

Everyone knows you can use plants to shield your front windows from prying eyes, but regular hedges can be a little boring and cookie-cutter. Trees work in some circumstances, but their trunks aren't always wide enough to give you the privacy you want. If you're keen to use plants to stop people looking in, go for a gorgeous layered effect by planting a variety of staggered flowers and bushes of various heights at the end of your front yard. This creates a natural, organic and vibrant feel that goes great with rustic décor.

Pergolas for Mediterranean Revival Homes

Given that pergolas have their roots in the Italian renaissance, they're the perfect choice for homes styled on Mediterranean Revival architecture. They're more commonly seen in back gardens, but they're also perfect for creating privacy in front yards. You can use a pergola that extends from the front wall of your house, or use a free-standing pergola at the end of your yard to create a secluded front seating area. Choose your climbing plants based on your exterior colour scheme, or go for grapevines to match the Mediterranean theme.

Top-Down Blinds for Contemporary, Futuristic Homes

Regular Venetian blinds are fairly good at increasing your privacy when tilted open. However, if you pull them up to get more light into the house, people will be about to see in when they walk past. Top-down bottom-up blinds are the solution to this privacy problem. These stylish blinds can be opened from the top or the bottom, allowing you to shield your home at eye level while allowing light to flow in freely from either end. They come in a range of materials and colours, as well as corded and cordless varieties, so you're bound to find something that fits your existing look. Their modern, almost gravity-defying appearance will make a chic addition to your front room.


1 August 2016

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