5 Tips to Follow When You're Buying a Vanity for a Smaller Bathroom


Choosing fixtures and units for a bathroom is always a little harder when your bathroom is on the smaller side. You don't want something large enough to get in the way or overpower the room, but you still need something big enough to hold everything you need as you get ready for the day. Tricky.

With that in mind, here are five tips to keep in mind when choosing bathroom vanities when you're short on space.

1. Choose a Lighter Colour

Before you even consider size and shape, it's important to focus on colour. As a general rule of thumb, lighter colours work better in small rooms since they make the space seem more open. They're also better at reflecting light. In contrast, darker vanities will make a space seem more closed off.

2. Opt for an Open Design

Most bathroom vanities look just like regular cabinets – all the storage space is hidden behind doors. That's fine, but it's rarely optimal for smaller bathrooms. Even those doors take up space, especially when you open them, and your room will look more open if you opt for a vanity with open storage space. You can still fit in everything you need, but the vanity won't be as blocky.

3. Choose a Wall-Hung Unit

Wall-hung units are attached to the wall instead of the floor. They're sometimes called 'floating vanities' since they seem to hover. This creates unbroken floor space and makes your bathroom appear large. It also reduces the chances of stubbed toes as you slip through a tight bathroom.

4. Look for a Towel Bar

Towels take up a lot of space when they're folded up inside a vanity unit, but you can make the most of your minimal space by looking for vanity units with towel bars fitted along one side. Hanging down one side of your vanity, towels won't take up much space at all. If you can't find a vanity with an integrated towel bar, you can always add one yourself.

5. Put it in the Corner

It helps to put vanity units in the corner of smaller bathrooms. This keeps them out of the way and helps maximise available space. Since this is a route you're probably already going down, why not look for a corner unit? These units are specially made to go in corners – they're usually triangular rather than square, so they don't project outwards into your open space too much.


19 April 2018

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