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Stop Passersby Peering In: Which Privacy Method Suits Your Home Style?

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You may be friendly enough with your neighbours that you don’t mind them being able to see over your backyard fence, but the front of your house is a whole different story. When you’re relaxing or working in your front room, the last thing you want is nosy pedestrians walking past and peering in through your window. Of course, you also don’t want to turn your home into a not-so-stylish militant-style Fort Knox just to get a little privacy. You’ll want your method to fit in with the existing architecture of your home, so here are some peeper prevention suggestions that complement 3 different home styles. Layered Plants for Rustic, Country Homes Everyone knows you can use plants to shield your front windows from prying eyes, but regular hedges can be a little boring and cookie-cutter. Trees work in some circumstances, but their trunks aren’t always wide enough to give you the privacy you want. If you’re keen to use plants to stop people looking in, go for a gorgeous layered effect by planting a variety of staggered flowers and bushes of various heights at the end of your front yard. This creates a natural, organic and vibrant feel that goes great with rustic décor. Pergolas for Mediterranean Revival Homes Given that pergolas have their roots in the Italian renaissance, they’re the perfect choice for homes styled on Mediterranean Revival architecture. They’re more commonly seen in back gardens, but they’re also perfect for creating privacy in front yards. You can use a pergola that extends from the front wall of your house, or use a free-standing pergola at the end of your yard to create a secluded front seating area. Choose your climbing plants based on your exterior colour scheme, or go for grapevines to match the Mediterranean theme. Top-Down Blinds for Contemporary, Futuristic Homes Regular Venetian blinds are fairly good at increasing your privacy when tilted open. However, if you pull them up to get more light into the house, people will be about to see in when they walk past. Top-down bottom-up blinds are the solution to this privacy problem. These stylish blinds can be opened from the top or the bottom, allowing you to shield your home at eye level while allowing light to flow in freely from either end. They come in a range of materials and colours, as well as corded and cordless varieties, so you’re bound to find something that fits your existing look. Their modern, almost gravity-defying appearance will make a chic addition to your front...

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Various Types of Kitchen Splashbacks You Could Consider

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Splashbacks are an essential element to any kitchen. Having them installed over workspaces that are used regularly such as the sink or the stove can help making the cleanup process much easier. Additionally, they prevent stains from adhering onto your kitchen walls from these areas that experience heavy usage. However, not many homeowners pay much attention to the type of splashbacks that they have. Typically, you will find homeowners will simply stick to the splashbacks that came pre-installed in the house. What you should know is that these splashbacks are not only functional, but can also enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. As such, they come in an array of materials. Here are some of the various types of materials you could consider for your kitchen splashbacks.  Tile splashbacks Splashbacks made from tiles are one of the more common options available. This is because tiles are not only an economical option, but they also tend to be readily available in an array of sizes and colours. If you would like your tile splashbacks to stand out, consider opting for mosaic tiles. These types of splashbacks will add some visual interest above your workspaces while still being functional. It should be noted, though, that if you will be using natural tiles such as ceramic or porcelain, you should have them glazed with a vitreous coating.  This is because natural tiles are absorbent; therefore, leaving them unglazed increases the chances of them staining or harbouring germs in their pores. Additionally, tiled splashbacks will need extra care to keep their grouting pristine. Otherwise, you will notice over time the grout will become an eyesore.  Glass splashbacks If you would like to eliminate any grouting on your splashbacks, you should consider glass as your choice material. These types of splashbacks are installed as glass panels, thus eliminating the need for any grout to keep them in place. In addition to this, glass is a non-porous material. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who would not want to take additional hygiene measures to ensure that bacteria and other microorganisms are not breeding in their tiles.  It should be noted that glass tiles tend to be more expensive that other alternatives. However, they make up for this by being a durable and long-lasting material. To prevent unnecessary breakage of your splashbacks, opt for tempered glass. This toughened glass is able to withstand high impact without acquiring superficial...

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Worried About Security Along The Beach? 3 Considerations Before Installing Security Screen Doors For Your Beachfront Home

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Security screen doors are smart additions to any home because they provide an additional layer of protection in your home without compromising on visual appeal, but they are especially worthwhile in a beachfront home because they offer unparalleled coastal views. Simple to install, they encourage natural light and breeze in your home, while keeping out unwelcome insects and intruders. When you choose security screen doors for your beachfront home, follow these considerations to make smart decisions. Consider Investing In Aluminium Doors When you live on the beachfront or in any area with high levels of humidity, aluminium security screen doors are most ideal because they are resistant to corrosion. Aluminium is regarded as the most durable material along the beachfront because it can withstand breeze, humidity and salt without rusting without compromising on safety and security. In comparison, steel and hardwood can rust or warp in extreme humidity, so it may be best to avoid using these materials along the beachfront. Aluminium screen doors start from $250 to $350, but higher quality ones will cost you about $450. Establish The Type Of Security Screen Door You Want Security screen doors are retractable, hinged or sliding. The decision to choose between them is typically personal, but you may want to consider certain factors for your beachfront property. Retractable doors come with a spring-loaded folding railing with a magnetic strip to ensure that the door closes at all times. But these springs and magnets can potentially get damaged with highly humid conditions. You will need to oil the springs and replace the magnets every once in a while to ensure that the door remains functional. But retractable doors offer a high level of security because of their automatic closing operation, so they are a popular choice for many beachfront homes. Hinged and sliding doors are easier to operate in humid conditions. But you will still need to oil the hinges and sliding racks occasionally to ensure that they remain easily operable. Install Structural Grade Aluminium Sheets For The Screen Door Infill Structural grade aluminium sheets are very similar to security-friendly stainless steel mesh, but they aren’t as expensive. This makes them an excellent infill choice when you don’t want to compromise on both fresh air and security. Similar to the appearance of fly screens, the wire mesh design produced by these perforated aluminium sheets is excellent because they offer you an unrestricted coastal view without allowing insects or intruders to get in. Structural grade aluminium sheets typically start from $650. If you’re planning to install security screen doors for your beachfront home, consider these smart factors before making a final...

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3 Considerations Before Choosing Wooden Window Blinds For Your Home

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You obviously want to ensure that you get the perfect interior wooden blinds when moving to a new place or redesigning your home because you know how important your windows are as focal points. Wooden blinds not only add aesthetic value, but they also deliver functional appeal. Several factors go into choosing blinds, so if you’ve decided on wooden materials, then consider these factors before making the decision to buy them for your home. Wooden Blinds Can Be More Expensive, But Present Unparalleled Decorative Appeal Bear in mind that wooden blinds can be more expensive than other blind materials, but the decorative appeal you receive from them is unparalleled. Timber blinds can cost you in excess of $135 in comparison to metal blades at $47 and sunscreen blinds starting from $75 to $85. Despite the higher cost, many homeowners are willing to make the investment because of the decorative appeal they bring to any home. If you’re on a tight budget, you could choose cheaper materials like bamboo and faux wood, which enable you to achieve the look of real wood without the same price tag. Choose The Colour Based On The Look You Desire Colour is a vital factor to consider when choosing wooden blinds in your home. If you want a homogenous finish, then try to match your wooden blinds to the colour theme of your home. For instance, if you have a room with beige walls, then you may want light brown timber blinds. If you want a contrasting finish, then you can choose rose wood or mahogany finished blinds for a contrasting finish. You may want to avoid mixing and matching colours and styles too much because this could end up creating a cluttered appearance in your home. Avoid Whites To Keep The Dust At Bay When choosing wooden blinds, you may want to avoid a white finish if you live in an area prone to dust within your city or town. White wooden blinds are hard to keep clean in most circumstances, but if you live in the middle of a major CBD or highway, then you’re probably prone to most dust and grime than usual. White wooden blinds are most susceptible to dust, so you may want to choose darker finishes to reduce the appearance of dust as much as possible. White looks great when clean, but looks messy when dirty. Choose darker colours that look good even if dust accumulates on them. Wooden interior blinds are appealing in any home thanks to their natural and soft appearance in any home. Consider these factors before choosing them for your...

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Kitchen Improvements That Give Your Home a Coastal Feel

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Whether you live by the beach or lake or you want to feel like you do, there are ways to bring the ocean right into your home. With these kitchen improvements, you can feel like you are in your very own beach house every single day.  Keep Your Flooring Light and Neutral You have two main options when it comes to flooring in your new beach-themed kitchen; you can either go with a plain white colour flooring, such as with porcelain tiles, or choose flooring in a light tan colour. The tan or sandy neutrals are great because it helps to create the look of the beach right in your kitchen. There are a variety of textured tiles and natural stone pavers for kitchen floors that look like pebble stone paths or actual sand underneath your feet. These are perfect for a coastal kitchen. Create Open Shelving Instead of having traditional stock cabinets on the walls with closed cabinet doors, consider creating open shelving on the walls. Open shelving creates a more casual feel to your kitchen, which is what you want when going for the laidback, coastal look. It also allows you to really display all your best ocean-coloured dishes and glassware, such as your seafoam green coffee mugs and dinner dishes in various shades of blue, purple, and green. Use a Colourful Island Having a big island in the middle of your kitchen is another way to incorporate a coastal look. However, instead of going with a standard island, try adding a pop of colour to it. This is a great way to add some more beachy colours into the kitchen whether you go with turquoise, teal, or a cornflower blue. Another direction to go is to paint the island a sunshine yellow colour, representing the sunshine outdoors when you walk down the beach. For the countertop of the island, consider using recycled sea glass for a custom look. Paint the Ceiling Finish the coastal look in your kitchen by painting over the stark white ceiling with a light blue colour. This makes it appear as if your ceiling is the sky and you have stepped foot into a beach oasis. To avoid going overboard, keep the other colours to a minimum in the kitchen when you want to paint the ceiling blue. Balance out all the blues and greens by choosing a natural wood finish for your barstools and kitchen table and...

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Ideas For Recycling Old Timber Shutters

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Although timber window shutters are long-lasting and durable, they may eventually need replacing with new ones.  But rather than throwing the old ones out, why not give them them a new lease on life by using them to create some stylish, shabby chic items to complement your interior décor scheme? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Storage solutions An old shutter panel can be given a new job by simply adding a few rows of screw-in hooks of various sizes.  Hang the shutter panel on your bedroom wall, in a walk-in wardrobe area or on the back of a door and use it for storing your necklaces and bracelets. Head boards If you have a country cottage themed bedroom, old timber shutters can be used to make a great headboard for your bed.  All you need to do is attach them firmly to a wooden bed frame by using long wood screws. Kitchen utensil rack Add rows of cup hooks to your old shutter and use it as a charming, rustic storage solution for your kitchen.  Hang your cooking utensils, mugs and tea towels on the shutter and place it on the wall or on the back of your kitchen or larder door. Bathroom storage A distressed shutter makes a perfect feature for a bathroom with a French country house theme.  Fix a simple wire rack to the bottom of the shutter and use it for storing flannels and small hand towels. Photos and memories Another really attractive and innovative use for old wooden shutters is to use them as a display board for photographs.  All you need to do is attach some screw-in cup hooks to the sides, tie a string between the hooks and attach photos to the string using small clothespins. With some shutters, you may be able to just stick photos between the slats to hold them in place.  You could embellish the top with a piece of decorative wooden trim (available from DIY stores) and repaint the whole thing to match the colour scheme in your room. Funky coffee table Timber shutters are strong enough to be used as building materials for a new table.  Simply cut the panels to fit and create a square-sided table.  You could either leave the table distressed if that suits your décor scheme, or you could sand the panels and paint or varnish the whole thing. In conclusion When it’s time to replace your old timber window shutters, you don’t have to throw your old ones out.  With a little imagination and ingenuity you can create some really interesting and useful shabby chic items for your...

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Five Tips for Protecting Your Blinds and Your Cats From Each Other

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The allure of blinds can be irresistible for some cats, but unfortunately, blinds and cats don’t mix well. Cats can get hurt, and blinds can get damaged. Want to protect your cats and blinds from each other? Take a look at these tips: 1. Hide the cords. If you have blinds with cords, wrap them up and secure them out of the way. You can buy special clips to hold the cords, or you can just put a screw in the wall and wind the cord around that. This prevents your cat from playing with the cord and pulling down the blinds or getting strangled in the cord. If you are in the market for new blinds, buy ones without cords or with hidden cords. 2. Cover the blinds in cat deterrents. To keep your cat away from the slats of your blinds, apply a cat deterrent to them. If you have plastic or vinyl blinds, most liquid or spray deterrents are safe to apply to them. If you have fabric blinds, invest in a fabric-safe deterrent spray. Finally, if you have wood blinds, use a polish or natural oil featuring a scent that cats hate such as citrus. 3. Put repulsive plants on the window ledge. In lieu of applying cat deterrent to your blinds, place some plants on your windowsill. There are many plants that are relatively repulsive to cats but pleasant to humans. Eucalyptus and wintergreen mint are just two of the plants that fit into this category, and they are small enough to be planted into a little pot that fits handily on most window sills. 4. Make the window sill sticky. Don’t want to garden? Try making the window sill undesirable by making it sticky. Cover it with double sided tape or cover a piece of cardboard with double sided tape and place that on the window sill. The cats won’t like the feeling, and in most cases, they will jump up to the window sill only a few times before ignoring it completely. Do not worry — double-sided tape is only strong enough to annoy your cat; it won’t stick him or her in place. 5. Keep your blinds open. If you don’t have space or desire to use plants or tape, consider keeping your blinds open. If you have horizontal blinds, opening them puts them out of reach of your pet, and opening your blinds may address the source of your issue as well. In many cases, cats only play with blinds because they want to look outside. If you provide your cat with a view, he or she may just ignore the blinds. For more tips on keeping  your curtains and blinds in good conditions, speak with your local supplier. ...

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Why Outdoor Roller Window Blinds Are a Good Investment in Your Home

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Many of today’s homeowners acknowledge that to have a truly functional and stylish home, they must be willing to spend a little more on extra features. One of the most sought after products on the home improvement market today are outdoor roller blinds. If you are contemplating adding these blinds to your home windows, you should be well aware of the benefits that they can bring into your home. Here are a number of benefits associated with installing roller blinds on the outside of home windows. Indoor climate control Outdoor roller blinds are very useful when it comes to regulating the temperature inside your home. When it is extremely hot outside, you can block a significant amount of heat coming into your home by shutting the blinds. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to sacrifice natural lighting for temperature reduction, as outdoor roller blinds are designed to allow a sufficient amount of natural light to enter your interior space even when they are closed. If you want to let the cool breeze from outside to enter your interiors, especially during the hot summer days, you can opt for outdoor roller blinds that come in breathable, open weave fabric to allow for adequate air flow. Durability When making outdoor roller blinds for windows, manufacturers often bear in mind that their products will be subjected to harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat, strong winds and heavy rain or snow. For that reason, they usually choose fabrics that can withstand the damaging effects of inclement weather elements, so that their products can last for a reasonable length of time. With material selections such as canvas, clear PVC, acrylic and many other options at their disposal, makers of outdoor roller blinds can now present homeowners with an extensive variety of durable options to choose from. These fabrics can be easily cleaned to remove dirt, protect against stains, and discourage growth of mildew and fungi, all which can lead to premature deterioration of your outdoor window blinds. Stylish The exterior look of your windows influences your home’s curb appeal greatly. If you are looking for ways to add to the beauty of your outdoor space, choose a blind fabric colour that can complement the window exterior from the several colour selections available. If you find it difficult to select a product that seamlessly adds to the natural beauty of your outdoor environment, a home design expert can help you make an aesthetic choice for your...

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Tools for Hanging External Shutters to Brick

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Buying external shutters for your home may have been due to a certain look you were trying to achieve or may have been as a replacement for older shutters on vintage homes. While purchasing them, you may have run into an choice of having them professionally installed or installing yourself. If you have chosen to handle this as a do-it-yourself project, then there are a few things you should know, starting with the tools you’ll need for hanging them. There will, of course, be a hammer, but you may be surprised to find a few items on the tool sheet that you didn’t think of. This is especially true if you are hanging them to a brick exterior wall. Masonry Screws One of the first things you will need to buy are the right screws. Since you will be attaching the external shutters to brick, you will want masonry screws. These screws are specifically designed to affix to the eternal brick wall or masonry of your home’s exterior. They tend to have a revolving pattern of large and small grooves that attach to the brick easily and are more durable than a traditional screw or wood screw. These screws will need to be long enough to go through your shutters and around an inch or more into the wall in order to prevent the shutter from slipping or coming loose during rough weather or over time. You may also find they are sold with mounting brackets that fit into the drilled hole and hold the screw itself, giving more durability. Brick Strength Drill Bit You may find that you’ll need to either drill the screw holes deeper or wider than the original shutters if you are doing a replacement. If you are adding shutters for the first time, then you will need to drill regardless. This means you’ll need to make sure you have a brick or cement strength drill bit. These bits are usually labeled for cement or masonry work and can be found at your local home improvement store. Make sure you have the make and model name of your electric or power drill in order to get the right bits. Bits that are not made for your drill may break or may cause damage to the wall, your drill or both. Holdbacks One thing you may not think of are the holdbacks for the shutters. This is especially true if you have never owned shutters and you are under the misconception that the shutters will simply open and stay into place. You may also think that the shutters have some sort of mechanism that will hold them open or closed. The truth is, you will need some form of holdback to keep them in place if you aren’t screwing them in permanently as a decoration option over a functional shutter. Holdbacks may be sold with your external shutters or they may be sold separately depending on the manufacturer or store. These are just three of the tools you will need. You should also make sure you have a measuring tape, level, and marking tool to mark spots for the screws, brackets, and holdbacks. For more tips or help with the installation process, contact a company...

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Curtains and Drapes: Important Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

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Whether you are shopping for a new pair of curtains or you are frustrated with how your current curtains look, the following dos and don’ts can help. They cover the basics of choosing the right curtains and how to hang them properly. Dos: Do think about the room and function. When you are beginning to shop for new curtains or drapes, start by considering both style and function. A good way to make sure you are choosing the right window treatments is to consider the room they are going in. In most cases, you won’t choose the same material for every room of your choice. For example, light fabrics and sheers are great for living rooms because you often leave the windows open and don’t need as much privacy. However, in the bedroom, you might not want the room to be lit up when the sun comes up and need more privacy. Choose darker curtains for the bedrooms for this purpose. Do hang curtains with a template. As you start to hang your curtains after buying the material and curtain rods, you want to make sure all windows have curtains at the same height. When you have multiple windows in a single room, it can make it difficult to have them all even. A good way to remedy this is by making a paper template that has marks on it where the curtain rods will be hung above the windows. Don’ts: Don’t forget to take measurements. Taking measurements of the window is not only important to know the general size you need but because you need the curtains to cover the windows completely. Since you should hang the curtains several inches above the windows, you don’t want to have curtains that are too short. They should preferably reach the floor or at least reach past the bottom of the window frame. Also make sure they are wide enough to cover the window. Don’t fail to order custom-made curtains. If you have windows or sliding glass doors in your home that need curtains that are an odd size, don’t simply try to find store-bought curtains that might work. You may be able to cover the windows, but it probably won’t look as good as if you got them custom-made. While it cost a little more, you will be much happier with the final result by investing in curtains that are the perfect size. For more tips on finding the right curtains and drapes for your home, contact a local window treatment...

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