3 Considerations Before Choosing Wooden Window Blinds For Your Home


You obviously want to ensure that you get the perfect interior wooden blinds when moving to a new place or redesigning your home because you know how important your windows are as focal points. Wooden blinds not only add aesthetic value, but they also deliver functional appeal. Several factors go into choosing blinds, so if you've decided on wooden materials, then consider these factors before making the decision to buy them for your home.

13 July 2016

Kitchen Improvements That Give Your Home a Coastal Feel


Whether you live by the beach or lake or you want to feel like you do, there are ways to bring the ocean right into your home. With these kitchen improvements, you can feel like you are in your very own beach house every single day.  Keep Your Flooring Light and Neutral You have two main options when it comes to flooring in your new beach-themed kitchen; you can either go with a plain white colour flooring, such as with porcelain tiles, or choose flooring in a light tan colour.

13 June 2016

Ideas For Recycling Old Timber Shutters


Although timber window shutters are long-lasting and durable, they may eventually need replacing with new ones.  But rather than throwing the old ones out, why not give them them a new lease on life by using them to create some stylish, shabby chic items to complement your interior décor scheme? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Storage solutions An old shutter panel can be given a new job by simply adding a few rows of screw-in hooks of various sizes.

8 June 2016

Five Tips for Protecting Your Blinds and Your Cats From Each Other


The allure of blinds can be irresistible for some cats, but unfortunately, blinds and cats don't mix well. Cats can get hurt, and blinds can get damaged. Want to protect your cats and blinds from each other? Take a look at these tips: 1. Hide the cords. If you have blinds with cords, wrap them up and secure them out of the way. You can buy special clips to hold the cords, or you can just put a screw in the wall and wind the cord around that.

20 May 2016

Why Outdoor Roller Window Blinds Are a Good Investment in Your Home


Many of today's homeowners acknowledge that to have a truly functional and stylish home, they must be willing to spend a little more on extra features. One of the most sought after products on the home improvement market today are outdoor roller blinds. If you are contemplating adding these blinds to your home windows, you should be well aware of the benefits that they can bring into your home. Here are a number of benefits associated with installing roller blinds on the outside of home windows.

3 May 2016

Tools for Hanging External Shutters to Brick


Buying external shutters for your home may have been due to a certain look you were trying to achieve or may have been as a replacement for older shutters on vintage homes. While purchasing them, you may have run into an choice of having them professionally installed or installing yourself. If you have chosen to handle this as a do-it-yourself project, then there are a few things you should know, starting with the tools you'll need for hanging them.

25 April 2016

Curtains and Drapes: Important Dos and Don'ts to Keep in Mind


Whether you are shopping for a new pair of curtains or you are frustrated with how your current curtains look, the following dos and don'ts can help. They cover the basics of choosing the right curtains and how to hang them properly. Dos: Do think about the room and function. When you are beginning to shop for new curtains or drapes, start by considering both style and function. A good way to make sure you are choosing the right window treatments is to consider the room they are going in.

21 April 2016