Ideas For Recycling Old Timber Shutters


Although timber window shutters are long-lasting and durable, they may eventually need replacing with new ones.  But rather than throwing the old ones out, why not give them them a new lease on life by using them to create some stylish, shabby chic items to complement your interior décor scheme?

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Storage solutions

An old shutter panel can be given a new job by simply adding a few rows of screw-in hooks of various sizes.  Hang the shutter panel on your bedroom wall, in a walk-in wardrobe area or on the back of a door and use it for storing your necklaces and bracelets.

Head boards

If you have a country cottage themed bedroom, old timber shutters can be used to make a great headboard for your bed.  All you need to do is attach them firmly to a wooden bed frame by using long wood screws.

Kitchen utensil rack

Add rows of cup hooks to your old shutter and use it as a charming, rustic storage solution for your kitchen.  Hang your cooking utensils, mugs and tea towels on the shutter and place it on the wall or on the back of your kitchen or larder door.

Bathroom storage

A distressed shutter makes a perfect feature for a bathroom with a French country house theme.  Fix a simple wire rack to the bottom of the shutter and use it for storing flannels and small hand towels.

Photos and memories

Another really attractive and innovative use for old wooden shutters is to use them as a display board for photographs.  All you need to do is attach some screw-in cup hooks to the sides, tie a string between the hooks and attach photos to the string using small clothespins. With some shutters, you may be able to just stick photos between the slats to hold them in place.  You could embellish the top with a piece of decorative wooden trim (available from DIY stores) and repaint the whole thing to match the colour scheme in your room.

Funky coffee table

Timber shutters are strong enough to be used as building materials for a new table.  Simply cut the panels to fit and create a square-sided table.  You could either leave the table distressed if that suits your décor scheme, or you could sand the panels and paint or varnish the whole thing.

In conclusion

When it's time to replace your old timber window shutters, you don't have to throw your old ones out.  With a little imagination and ingenuity you can create some really interesting and useful shabby chic items for your home.


8 June 2016

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