Five Tips for Protecting Your Blinds and Your Cats From Each Other


The allure of blinds can be irresistible for some cats, but unfortunately, blinds and cats don't mix well. Cats can get hurt, and blinds can get damaged. Want to protect your cats and blinds from each other? Take a look at these tips:

1. Hide the cords.

If you have blinds with cords, wrap them up and secure them out of the way. You can buy special clips to hold the cords, or you can just put a screw in the wall and wind the cord around that. This prevents your cat from playing with the cord and pulling down the blinds or getting strangled in the cord.

If you are in the market for new blinds, buy ones without cords or with hidden cords.

2. Cover the blinds in cat deterrents.

To keep your cat away from the slats of your blinds, apply a cat deterrent to them. If you have plastic or vinyl blinds, most liquid or spray deterrents are safe to apply to them. If you have fabric blinds, invest in a fabric-safe deterrent spray. Finally, if you have wood blinds, use a polish or natural oil featuring a scent that cats hate such as citrus.

3. Put repulsive plants on the window ledge.

In lieu of applying cat deterrent to your blinds, place some plants on your windowsill. There are many plants that are relatively repulsive to cats but pleasant to humans. Eucalyptus and wintergreen mint are just two of the plants that fit into this category, and they are small enough to be planted into a little pot that fits handily on most window sills.

4. Make the window sill sticky.

Don't want to garden? Try making the window sill undesirable by making it sticky. Cover it with double sided tape or cover a piece of cardboard with double sided tape and place that on the window sill. The cats won't like the feeling, and in most cases, they will jump up to the window sill only a few times before ignoring it completely. Do not worry -- double-sided tape is only strong enough to annoy your cat; it won't stick him or her in place.

5. Keep your blinds open.

If you don't have space or desire to use plants or tape, consider keeping your blinds open. If you have horizontal blinds, opening them puts them out of reach of your pet, and opening your blinds may address the source of your issue as well. In many cases, cats only play with blinds because they want to look outside. If you provide your cat with a view, he or she may just ignore the blinds.

For more tips on keeping  your curtains and blinds in good conditions, speak with your local supplier. 



20 May 2016

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