Kitchen Improvements That Give Your Home a Coastal Feel


Whether you live by the beach or lake or you want to feel like you do, there are ways to bring the ocean right into your home. With these kitchen improvements, you can feel like you are in your very own beach house every single day. 

Keep Your Flooring Light and Neutral

You have two main options when it comes to flooring in your new beach-themed kitchen; you can either go with a plain white colour flooring, such as with porcelain tiles, or choose flooring in a light tan colour. The tan or sandy neutrals are great because it helps to create the look of the beach right in your kitchen. There are a variety of textured tiles and natural stone pavers for kitchen floors that look like pebble stone paths or actual sand underneath your feet. These are perfect for a coastal kitchen.

Create Open Shelving

Instead of having traditional stock cabinets on the walls with closed cabinet doors, consider creating open shelving on the walls. Open shelving creates a more casual feel to your kitchen, which is what you want when going for the laidback, coastal look. It also allows you to really display all your best ocean-coloured dishes and glassware, such as your seafoam green coffee mugs and dinner dishes in various shades of blue, purple, and green.

Use a Colourful Island

Having a big island in the middle of your kitchen is another way to incorporate a coastal look. However, instead of going with a standard island, try adding a pop of colour to it. This is a great way to add some more beachy colours into the kitchen whether you go with turquoise, teal, or a cornflower blue. Another direction to go is to paint the island a sunshine yellow colour, representing the sunshine outdoors when you walk down the beach. For the countertop of the island, consider using recycled sea glass for a custom look.

Paint the Ceiling

Finish the coastal look in your kitchen by painting over the stark white ceiling with a light blue colour. This makes it appear as if your ceiling is the sky and you have stepped foot into a beach oasis. To avoid going overboard, keep the other colours to a minimum in the kitchen when you want to paint the ceiling blue. Balance out all the blues and greens by choosing a natural wood finish for your barstools and kitchen table and chairs.


13 June 2016

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